Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Website Spruce-Up!

I've spent a fair bit of time updating and sprucing up my website recently. Laborious as the task has been; I feel it's been necessary to put the time and effort in to give my on-line web presence a decent home!

I've removed some old stuff and added a lot of new artwork and photos. I really wanted the galleries to reflect a more 'balanced' range of the options and styles of caricature work I currently produce.

Specifically, the 'Weddings' and 'Gift Caricatures' galleries have been overhauled majorly. New pics have also been added to the 'Photo Gallery' of places and faces from my travels; and lastly, I've now created a new gallery page consisting entirely of my 'Sketchbook' work. I've been told that others enjoy seeing my simple / rough sketches as well as my more 'polished' work, so I thought it would be nice to have a little sketch collection in one place on my website which I can add to at my leisure. It all starts with a pencil and piece of paper for me..... : )

Overall, I think my website is looking a lot more clearer, succinct and respectable than it has done in years. There's prices and FAQ's about the services I provide on there too for any potential clients to take note of.

Here's a link to my new 'Sketchbook' gallery page, but please feel free to look at the new images elsewhere on the site and as always your comments would be welcome! Cheers!

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