Monday, 13 July 2015

Four Caricature Bookings in One Weekend

Just had a busy weekend of caricaturing -   On Friday I was in Dumbarton at a joint 40th birthday party for Michele and Patrick; then on Saturday I was at 2 weddings - firstly in the afternoon at The Parsonage in Airth, at Jan's wedding reception, then later in the evening I was caricaturing guests over at House For an Art Lover in Glasgow for Craig and Flo. Then last night on Sunday evening I was down in Ayr at The Western House Hotel drawing for Amanda and Cameron's guests at their wedding reception too. Phew! Lots more bookings to come this summer as the 'wedding season' is in full swing.   Below are some photos I managed to grab. Pleased to report my work was very well received by my sitters - lots of laughs and some great reactions too! Thanks a million to everyone who has hired me and I hope you enjoyed all the celebrations. 

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