Friday, 3 July 2015

Christopher Reeve as Superman Sketch

Today's sketch is 'The Man of Steel' - for my generation - the late, great Christopher Reeve as Superman. Still the best in my view! In 1978 I was four years old and going to see 'Superman' at the Odeon cinema in Glasgow was my first ever cinema experience. My wee Gran took me in on the bus. I remember being dead excited at seeing the huge screen for the first time and sitting on the big red; velvety, flippy-up seats, with sweets and juice, surrounded by loads of other people (who all seemed to be smoking within the theatre!). Then, the big curtains went back, the unforgettable theme tune kicked off and from the opening 'big, swooshy flying movie credits' onwards I was mesmerised! What an amazing day. Thanks a million Gran. Xx.

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