Saturday, 27 June 2015

Joey Ramone Sketch

Hey! Ho! Let's Go! Friday's sketch is Mr Jeffrey Ross Hymen....aka 'Joey Ramone' the lead singer of The Ramones who sadly left us all too soon. I have my old pal Fraser to thank for introducing me to their music when we were scruffy, underpaid, teenage shelf-stackers back in the day. Been a fan ever since! We saw The Ramones live at the Barra's in Glasgow in the very early nineties and they were just incredible. Definitely one of the best bands I've ever seen. Anyway, it was a little tricky to draw Joey as he never had much of his face on show in any photographs....always partially hidden by his heavy mop of hair and was never without his trademark rose coloured sunglasses and leather these are the key elements to this caricature. Despite the very smudgy fingers I ended up with, he was fun to sketch nonetheless!

Here's Joey covering 'What a Wonderful World'....enjoy!

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