Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wedding Guest Signing Board

Here's a photo of Allison and Ryan's wedding caricature 'guest signing board' which they commissioned from me when they tied the knot back in April. It's a service I offer which is basically a fun alternative to a traditional 'wedding guest' book....the guests sign the mount around the caricature which the newlyweds can then frame and hang in their home. The caricatures can be in colour, black & white or in my simple 'live style'.

Most traditional ordinary wedding guest books get looked at only a couple of times on average after a wedding day, then get shoved away in a drawer and forgotten about. However - having a unique, fun caricature of the Bride and Groom; with the messages on display on a wall for all to see, is a great way for couples to remember their special day along with all their messages of love and goodwill - therefore I think these are a bit more special! Many thanks to Allison for sending me this photo. Ain't love grand? : )

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