Monday, 18 May 2015

A Last Minute Job....

Here's a very short notice wedding gift caricature in my 'live style', for a couple who tied the knot on Saturday. This was created on the Thursday and dispatched in the post the same day. Thanks to Steve for the commission and for the following kind words via email....

"Hi Edd,

Thank you so much, the caricature is ACE!! Really happy with it. My girlfriend has received it in the post just in time for the wedding which is today! Thanks for doing it so quickly, I really appreciate it! I'm sure they will love it!

Thanks again -

Then today I received this email from Steve....

"Happy to tell you they loved it!! I asked if they minded opening it when the evening do had kicked off, so they did and they think its ace. He was showing it round to other people at the wedding like a chuffed school kid.

Thanks again!
- Steve"

If you need a gift caricature for someone at short notice, please don't be afraid to ask! I'm generally always busy with commission work, but will always try to accommodate tight deadlines for you if I can. Check out my website for more info and prices: - Thanks! : )

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