Thursday, 22 January 2015


There's more! Following on from my post yesterday about the etsy seller who stole my artwork, she has now responded to the email I sent her with this rather pathetic excuse....

"Dear Mr. Travers,
Thank you for the information in this situation. I assure you any resemblance to your work or others was truly unintentional. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has created and have since remo
ved all art.
Sincerely, L."

(Above - the rip off of my Robert pattinson caricature. Below, the original. An 'unintentional resemblance?' Hmmm....I disagree. What do you think?)

....Really?? Am I expected to believe that it was all just 'unintentional?' I don't think so. I replied this morning with the following... 

"Dear Lettie

I would accept your apology if it wasn't so insincere. To lie to me and try to 'assure' me that " any resemblance to your work or others was truly unintentional" is bullshit, frankly.

You knew exactly what you were doing. Please don't insult my intelligence and tell me otherwise.Your copies of those caricatures created by myself and others were proportionally exact. Anyone can tell you've simply traced / scanned the originals and changed a few colours and added backgrounds, etc. You didn't even bother to try and change some fine pencil work / cross hatching etc in your versions, so let's be clear here, you completely ripped off my work and the work of others. To lie and claim otherwise is an insult.

After the events this week, I would have hoped you'd realize that you've been caught red handed and sincerely admit to what you've done and apologize to myself and others; but obviously that's too much to hope for and therefore your response speaks volumes about the type of character you are. A plagiarist and a liar.

Wishing you all the worst for your future in business,


Edd Travers"

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