Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hi all. This came to my attention yesterday after reading Tom Richmond 's blog. Some arse-clowns in America thought they'd just go ahead and steal caricatures off the internet, change them a bit digitally, then sell art prints, posters and t-shirt transfers of the images on this etsy website to make a buck!

There were several copies of Tom's caricatures and one of mine - my caricature of 'Twilight' movie star Robert Pattinson, which I drew several years ago, pictured, along with their scabby copy, below...

My original caricature above. Below - the abysmal copy...

I was less than pleased about this, so today I emailed the 'seller'....

"Dear Lettie

Following on from my fellow caricaturist Tom Richmond's recent letter to you yesterday, about using his artwork without permission for items for sale; I was less than happy to see that you had also stolen one of my images - my caricature of Robert Pattinson, star of the 'Twilight' movies.

The image was copyrighted by me; the artist who created it, in 2012, and the copyright symbol was clearly evident in the lower left hand side of the caricature. This means that no one has permission to use, display, change or sell the image in any way shape or form without my permission.

I note that your 'bastardized' version of my caricature was for sale on your etsy site as art prints as well as t-shirt transfers.

As you'll be well aware neither you, or your talentless brother (who is credited with the caricature artwork) ... who poorly digitally manipulated my image sought ANY permission or any consent from myself and we have not exchanged any contracts or written agreements regarding use of my artwork, so this is a clear infringement of my copyright..... Put simply, this is THEFT.

I don't take kindly to people who steal my artwork without my permission, and especially those who do it to make money and claim that the artwork is an 'original' of their own (as you did on your site).

I note that since Tom Richmond was in touch with yo
u, you have now since removed the offending caricature copies from your etsy site, therefore it's hoped that you have seen sense and want to do the right thing.

Please don't ever steal an artist's work from the internet and claim it as your own will be found out!

Consider this fair warning. If I see ANY of my artwork or work of other caricaturists that I recognise on your website(s) I will exercise my legal right to have you punished by the full extent of the law.



Edd Travers
Caricaturist / Cartoonist / Illustrator

......Hopefully this will hammer the message home! Can't believe I've got to waste my time writing 'cease and desist' emails like this. Unfortunately it's not the first time it's happened to me either. People who steal artwork and try to pass it off as their own to make a buck are the lowest of the low in my opinion. Scumbags! : )

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