Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A busy 2014...

So long then to 2014...the year I hit the big 4-0 and also admitted defeat to my failing eyesight and got my first pair of glasses! (I wear 'em for drawing now) A year full of ups and downs and an incredibly busy one for me at that! I drew at a record breaking amount of events last year...easily my busiest one ever. I attended and drew caricatures of lots of guests at a total of 44 weddings which are always fun jobs to do. Pleased to report that I also had bookings for a good number of corporate events too in 2014 - more than in previous years...hopefully a sign that the economy is on the up? Who knows. Fingers crossed!

September was a memorable month for me, with no less than 16 bookings in one short month, with a 4 day 'residency' in a store window on Waverly Bridge in Edinburgh for a transport company.
Edinburgh Colleges Freshers week was also fun and other highlights included being booked to draw at the launch night of the new STV Glasgow TV channel! I feel really fortunate that I get to travel around to places I'd never normally be allowed to enter if I'd shuffled in off the street...and then I get to draw funny faces when I get there!

Me in action at a wedding reception, July 2014.

2014 was the year I started 'tweeting' a lot more too. I have yet to secure a booking or commission via twitter but it is a good tool for getting your work out there and seen. Just for fun I tweeted some 'celebrities' caricatures I had drawn of them. Pleased to report the stars themselves liked my work and 'retweeted' it to their thousands of followers - which in turn earned me lots of new followers too. So many thanks then to: Johnothan Ross, Sir Alan Sugar, Lorraine Kelly and Kevin Bridges!   

In between events, there has been lots of commission work on the go keeping me busy at the drawing board at home all year round. There's a 'superhero character' project I did in the autumn that I'm keen to share with you, but I'll have to seek permission first of all! Stay tuned. New stuff to share in the pipeline coming soon.

Finally, in other news, I've recently been tweaking around with my website, which has been long overdue a over the festive holidays I spent some time changing the look and content, etc and I've created and added 2 brand new finished 'information' pages. On the whole, the website is mostly done; but it's still a bit of a 'work in progress' here and there as I have lots of new artwork to update some pages with.
Feel free to have a look!  Your comments are always welcome. 

Let's have you then, 2015! Bring it on! 

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