Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fab Customer Feedback!

Fab Customer Feedback! Received these nice comments via email from Bill, who booked me to draw at his daughters wedding at the weekend: 

"Edd, you were a star, and probably the single biggest talking point, so thanks again!
I will be singing your praises to everyone that will listen, and I wish you every success in the future, your talent helped make my daughters day very special.

- Bill

My pleasure Bill!

I also received this (slightly wobbly!) photo of Nicola's guests from her wedding reception also on Saturday....

 She told me my work "...was fab, and all the guests loved their caricatures! We are so glad we booked you for our wedding! Thanks again!" - Nicola.

Thanks Nicola! It's so nice to get feedback from satisfied customers.
Much appreciated.

As you can tell from Nicola's photo, my live event caricatures are given away free to guests along with a clear zip lock bag to take the artwork home in. Handy for avoiding wet weather or 'late night drink spills!' *Potential customers take note: Providing a plastic bag for your artwork is something of a 'rarity' amongst the majority of caricaturists out there working in Scotland (I kid you not).

It's a service I am happy to provide for my customers, (...and I won't even charge you 5p for them!) You'll be lucky if you even get an elastic band off some guys to roll up your drawing with, so please bear this mind when choosing a caricaturist. Remember, all caricaturists are different, so make sure you hire the right one for your event! Email me at: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk for prices and info.

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