Monday, 24 November 2014

Drawing live the traditional way.

Here's 2 pics from the 2 weddings I drew live at at in one day on Saturday! Very busy time at both do's...pleased to report my work generated lots of laughs and many happy punters went away delighted with their drawings!

One of these ladies here was a bit shocked and stunned to discover that all my work was hand drawn with markers on paper within a few minutes. She told me she initially thought I'd created the drawings on an i-pad or tablet "..because they look so clean, sharp and printed!" Nice of her to say and we had a nice chat; but that said though, I personally don't really rate i-pads, etc when it comes to creating live caricatures at events.

I have yet to be impressed by any live caricature work I've seen on those things. The majority of live caricature i-pad artwork I've came across looks atrocious.  A artist with poor drawing skills will still produce naff drawings no matter what technology he uses, so it seems. A lot of artists who use them really need to work on their basic caricature drawing skills in my opinion. I'll stick with pens and paper! Check out my galleries in the 'Photos' section of my Facebook page to see more of my traditional 'live caricature work'. : )

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