Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher

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Here's a really quick caricature sketch of probably the most hated and despised Prime Minister this country has ever had. I drew it with a blue pencil then digitally added the colour wash. I thought blue would be an appropriate colour for her. I spent about 20 minutes on this, max.
To put it (very) mildly, I am 'not overly fond' of this woman. She ruined so many people's lives and didn't have a single shred of humanity. Her funeral will take place in London at the cost of over ten million pounds...courtesy of tax payers money. Sigh... I could go on and on about why I have nothing but utter contempt for 'Evil Thatcher' and her ilk, etc, but her critics have pretty much said it all before me in the last seven days. Good riddance to her.
Have fun, and enjoy celebrating her death... if you must! Stay safe and keep the peace if you are planning on taking to the streets to protest against her and hers. Meanwhile, we have another 'Nightmare On Downing Street' to contend with; Thatcher's progeny, in the shape of the 'Con-dems'. Grrrrr! Time to get busy, people...
For me, singer Billy Bragg sums things up best in a recent online post :
"This is not a time for celebration. The death of Margaret Thatcher is nothing more than a salient reminder of how Britain got into the mess that we are in today. Of why ordinary working people are no longer able to earn enough from one job to support a family; of why there is a shortage of decent affordable housing; of why domestic growth is driven by credit, not by real incomes; of why tax-payers are forced to top up wages; of why a spiteful government seeks to penalise the poor for having an extra bedroom; of why Rupert Murdoch became so powerful; of why cynicism and greed became the hallmarks of our society.

Raising a glass to the death of an infirm old lady changes none of this. The only real antidote to cynicism is activism. Don't celebrate – organise!"

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