Friday, 8 February 2013

The Fantastic Ford Part 2!

Well, my weekend just got off to a good start! Earlier today I got an email from 'Still Game' star Ford Kiernan telling me to check out today's Daily Record newspaper as he'd managed to sneak my recent caricature of him into a photo for a feature about a movie he's in. And, sure enough....!

What an absolute, star Ford Kiernan is, eh? That was really, really kind of him to include my caricature in the photoshoot. I emailed him my sincere thanks. I kinda wish I'd done a better job on it now as it wasjust a sketch, really! Had I known it was going to be used in a national newspaper, I'd have done a better, full colour job. Ah well, nice wee bit bit of publicity I suppose and this pic got me some major 'likeys' over on my Facebook page! Thanks to everyone for all the positive vibes and thanks a million to The Fantastic Ford once again! Go and see his movie 'Songs For Amy' when it comes out later this month! Cheers.

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