Thursday, 31 January 2013

Happy Birthday John Lydon!

Edd's Heads: John Lydon
Click to "OOOPENUUUPPP...!!!"
Many happy returns to John Joseph Lydon, AKA 'Johnny Rotten' from The Sex Pistols, born on this day, 1956. I have always been inspired by the DIY ethics of PUNK and the Pistols are an on-going inspiration....definitely one of my favourite bands. I think John is a National Treasure. He speaks with  a lot of truth, wit and honesty. His sense and his anger, bite and rage at the world remain undiminished with no sign of 'mellowing' despite his years! I find him hugely entertaining and applaude his 'zero-tolerance for bullshit' approach to everything. He's a true 'one off' and a hilarious lunatic to boot....not to mention a great face to draw! Here's to ya, Johnny....!
Incidentally, I have prints for sale of this piece if anyone's interested.
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  1. Good idea, happy birthday to him !
    Thanks and congrats

  2. Thanks for looking in, Ambre!