Monday, 7 January 2013


Edd's Heads: Ford Kiernan (sketch)
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At the weekend, I finally got around to watching 'Just Dandy' - the BBC documentary about the Dandy comic which went out of print in November 2012 after 75 years...a sad loss, I'm sure you'll agree. It was a terrific pr...ogramme and was presented by Ford Kiernan, star of 'Still Game' and 'Chewin' the Fat' and who is, of course, a Scottish comedy legend!

Ford paid tribute to the long running comic (also made in Scotland!) with genuine affection. The show also featured contributions from Brian Cox, Nick Park and Frank Skinner, and is well worth a look if you're a comics fan. Check it out on the BBC I Player. Anyway, here's my tribute to Ford Kiernan - a caricature sketch and my first 'famous face' drawing of 2013! Hope you like it....and long live comics!

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