Monday, 26 November 2012


  • Yes indeed! On December the 1st this year (this coming Saturday), 'Royle Family' star Ricky Tomlinson will be re-releasing his 'cheeky' festive single entitled 'CHRISTMAS MY ARSE!' The song was written by Maurice Cheetham and Patrick Aherene...who is the brother of Caroline Aherene (who, as you may know, co-writes 'The Royle Family', the award winning comedy series and also plays 'Our Denise' in the hit TV show.).

  • So...there I was, out walking the dog a couple of weeks ago, when Patrick Aherene rang me up out the blue to ask if they could use my caricature of Ricky to promote the single on their Facebook page and i-tunes icon. Being a huge fan of Ricky and the Royles I was of course delighted to oblige! (Regular readers of this page will know that Ricky has already seen my caricature of him and loved it when I gave him a framed print of it a couple of years ago).

  • So me, I know that you are sick to death of the Christmas music charts being full of cheesey, 'boy-bland' X- Factor drivel....(and, erm, Cliff Richard...!) so you know what to do! Buy Ricky's track and let's have some fun and get him to the top of the charts! X-Factor, my arse! Get 'Christmas My Arse!' by Ricky Tomlinson on Saturday! Makes an ideal Christmas gift for the 'Jim Royle' husband or father in your life!
  • Check out the choon, amigos... Click the link below:
  • Ps. - Update: Since this news has gotten out, I've now been approached by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Tiny Tempah and, erm, Limahl who also want me to caricature them for their forthcoming Christmas singles. I told them all to bugger off though, as I'm only concerned with promoting genuine musical talent! I jest, of course.....Thankyou for reading and spread the word!
Me meeting Ricky when he came to Glasgow a couple of years ago.

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