Monday, 30 July 2012

Wedding Day Live Caricatures

And here is some photos from Jean and Shaun's wedding I attended last week...

The smouldering looks from Ireland's next top male model.....

And finally one of the blushing bride on her big day...!

A couple of days later I received the following fantastic email:

"Hi Edd,

Just coming to after all the wedding madness!

Thank you so much for everything, our guests absolutely loved you. You went down a storm, folk are still talking about it! You really kept everyone entertained with your drawings and you were so pleasant considering all the drunk Irish crowding around you!

Thanks again for everything, we will be recommending you to everyone.

Best wishes,

Shaun and Jean"

It was a real pleasure to draw for such a fun crowd! I really enjoyed it. Feedback like this also really makes my day....I am truly chuffed! My best wishes go out to Jean & Shaun and family. All the very best for the future guys and thanks a million for having me.

- Edd.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!

Edd's Heads: Mick Jagger
(Click to enlarge)

Born 26th of July, 1943.

This is a very old caricature I did of the tiny walnut faced wrinkly rocker, from waaaay back in 2003 when I was going through my heavy 'pontilism' stage....Looking back, I think I over-worked the hell out of this piece, but thought I may as well share it anyway..... if only to terrify Sebastian Kruger! He'll probably give up doing the Stones now when he sees this masterpiece, eh....? Yeah, that's right. In yer face, Krugo! 

Monday, 23 July 2012

I came. I saw. I drew them....

Some pics of some guests I drew at serveral weddings I attended in July 2012....
(Click on any image to enlarg-otron)


As usual, thanks a million to everyone for letting me share the photos!
High five's all round, amigos!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

Event Caricatures on Youtube Volume 2

Another slide show of photos of my live event caricatures....

Hire me today to draw your guests at your special event before someone else does! I am based in central Scotland, but I travel nationwide. Email me here:


Be sociable and share....!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ten Things I Always Hear When Caricaturing Live At Events!

I think people are the same everywhere! Comedian Peter Kay once joked that there's 2 things you always say to a taxi driver: "Been busy?" and "What time do you finish?"... Well, in a similar vein,  here's 10 things I always get asked wherever I go to caricature people, no matter what the event, no matter where in the UK. Honest! Please note, I'm not knocking the punters here, but I am quite amazed at how many times now I've had the following queries or questions of a similar nature!

If there's any other working caricaturists reading this, do any of these sound familiar to you......?

1. "So how long have you been doing this...?"

2. "Please be kind....don't make me look fat!"

3. "Is this your full time job? Can you actually make a living doing this?"

4. "Where did you learn how to draw caricatures? Did you go to art school?"

5. "Smile? I hate smiling actually...!"

6. "So, how many have you drawn today...?"

7. "Have you always been good at drawing? Man, I can't even do 'stick men'...."

8. "So, has anyone ever taken offence to one of your caricatures...?"

9. "We got one done on holiday a few years ago. Have you ever worked abroad...?"

10. (After my booking time is up) : "Er...I know you've finished for today, but is there any chance you could do just one more caricature....?"

And for anyone interested, here's those questions again, this time with my replies (in yellow, below each one), which sometimes change from time to time depending on my general mood....
Sometimes I might lie extravagantly, purely for my own amusement....!

1.   "So how long have you been doing this...?"

"I've been drawing all my life. I started drawing caricatures at events in 2003, with a group of other artists, but. I didn't really start making proper money and getting more frequent work till I went solo and became self employed in 2007. Haven't looked back since, touch wood. (*taps forehead*)"

2. "Please be kind....don't make me look fat!"

"Relax, this is painless, you won't feel a thing! Besides, I'm not one of those 'cruel guys', you know....I say that...."


3. "Is this your full time job? Can you actually make a living doing this?"

"Yes. And yes."

4. "Where did you learn how to draw caricatures? Did you go to art school?"

"Nope, I didn't get into  art school.....which of course is an outrage!!! I did do an HND in Illustration at college though, in the nineties which was useful. You can't really be 'taught' to do caricatures, I don't really think. You sort of develop an eye for caricature over time and it takes lots of observational drawings of faces to improve and find your own style. Each face is different, so, over time you kind of learn to 'see' what features are best exaggerated on someone and what features not to develop. The aim is to exaggerate certain features for comic effect whilst maintaining a recognisable likeness, and it takes a bit of practise."

5. "Smile? I hate smiling actually...!"

"Just imagine everyone in this room is naked....even me!....there y'go. See?"

6. "So, how many have you drawn today...?"

"I usually draw up to ten large A3 sized caricatures in an hour."

7. "Have you always been good at drawing? Man, I can't even do 'stick men'...."

"Yeah I suppose I have. It's all I've ever wanted to do and the only thing I'm good at, really! It's either this, or prison..."

8. "So, has anyone ever taken offence to one of your caricatures...?"

"Most people accept a caricature as just a bit of mild mockery and good fun. There was this one time though, when I was booked to draw at a car launch event in Glasgow a few years ago. I was doing 'free' caricatures for the punters. I drew this one little old fella, who must have been in his eighties, in my usual cartoony style. He went away with the drawing - I thought- quite happy. A couple of minutes later when I was drawing someone else, the old gents' wee wife approached me and was none too happy. She said: "Do you think you're smart...? Do you think you're being funny, son?" She was raging. I tried my best to explain that a caricature was just for fun and no malice was intended, and her husband seemed to like it, etc, etc, but she just didn't get it.

Then, she tore the drawing in half and threw it on the ground in front of me and other guests who were waiting to be drawn.

So I punched her, as hard as I could, right in the face.

Okay, I made up this last bit. Honest. Apart from that, the rest is absolutely true.
On the whole, though I always get great reactions to my work. So far, people love what I do and I haven't had my head kicked in at an event.......yet...." 

9. "We got one done on holiday a few years ago. Have you ever worked abroad...?"

"No I haven't worked abroad yet, but that sounds like a nice retirement idea, maybe once my kids have grown up and left the nest. Drawing somewhere with warm and sunny weather definitely appeals to me!" 

10. (After my booking time is up) : "Er...I know you've finished for today, but is there any chance you could do just one more caricature....?"

Depending on circumstances at the event, I may or may not oblige this request.
If I'm too frazzled / tired by the end of my session, I will politely decline. This isn't always easy, depending on how the drunk guests are! Working overtime is at my discretion, so there's no set response to this query.

So there you go. That's a wee insight into the 'chit chat' that I hear a lot at gigs. So, if you see me at an event, don't ask me the usual old gubbins! Do something different... Shower me with compliments if you like....! Tell me I'm the best looking, most talented, funny, amazing caricaturist you've ever seen in your life.....(As all us caricaturists are shallow and vain creatures, this will of course amuse and delight me.)  Or, just ask me something else...something different...tell me a story or a joke or chat to me about what music I'm  currently grooving to or whatever...It's the only way we are going to develop our new relationship as friends together, y'know....

Fancy a pint?
(You should also offer to get them in for us...there's another tip for you by the way...! That would be good.)

Cheers. Edd 

Deja Vu....

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June Weddings - Live Caricatures

I caricatured at 12 events in the month of June this year....the majority of them being weddings. Weather-wise, it's been a real shame for couples who have tied the knot this month as it's been one of the wettest ever on record! The whole country has been relentlessly flooded with heavy showers of rain. Scotland we're used to downpours and know how to have a party, so despite the weather, I found people were still up for a laugh and were more than happy to pose for a caricature!
Here's a few pics I took from 2 weddings I attended on Saturday 30th of June. Two jobs on one day,  in Bishopton and Bathgate. It pelted with rain of course, but the guests were great at both do's- brilliant banter, friendly fun and lots of laughs! Many thanks to the new Mr & Mrs Cashmore and new Mr & Mrs Heaney for making me part of their special day. Congratulations!

Click to enlarge...

Lots more bookings to come in July....bring it on and let's have some fun....!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy 50th Birthday Tom Cruise!

Edd's Heads: Tom Cruise
(Click to enlarge)

Tiny Tom hits his 'Big Hawaii' milestone today!
Still looking pretty nifty at fifty, eh?

This caricature of mine is available to buy in all good quality on line print retailers, or you can email me if you'd like to buy a signed one (by me that is....not Tom!) for the Tom Cruise fan in your life! 

Happy Birthday TC!