Friday, 8 June 2012

Hungarian Wedding Invitation Caricature

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This lovely couple called Judit and Tomi discovered me on 'tinternet a while ago and commissioned me to draw a caricature of them which they've had printed on their wedding invitations. They are from Hungary in Budapest and their favourite football team is Ujpest, hence the purple and white coloured theme. Hungarians also write dates differently from here in the UK so that also got incorporated into the detail. They were an absolute pleasure to draw for and when I sent them the finished artwork with a disc ready for printing the invites, I received the following truly awesome email....

"Dear Edd,
THANK YOU!!! We love it :))) it means a lot to us, that you made it  just as we imagined it! Today afternoon we have got the picture!!! We love it :)))
Thank you so much Edd, we really like it! We can not wait to see it up in live on our wall in our home :) And of course as a part of the wedding!:)
Thank you so much for it!!! We will send you a picture from our wedding day, where we will be just like this :))))

Thank you for your wonderful work!!!! Sure, you are able to use it on your website, it is not a problem at all!
have a nice evening!
We wish you all the best!!!!!!
Best regards,
Judit& Tomi....your new fans from Hungary"

Thanks a million you guys! I'm happy you're happy! - Edd.

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