Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Youtube Video!

I've put together a little Youtube vid of a slideshow of my live event caricatures.  I knocked this up at the weekend to 'put the skills on show...' If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, party or special event, then please consider hiring me to come along and draw your guests!

By all means, please be sociable and share!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Newsflash for Glaswegians!

This Saturday June 23rd...Come and get a free caricature from Edd at the Family Funday by Copperworks Housing Co-operative Ltd 0/1 . 284 Royston Road in Glasgow, G21 2JB . Saturday afternoon 12.30 to 3.30pm. Edd will be outside in the back gardens of the hall, weather permitting, and if it rains Edd will be in the chapel hall 25 metres away. Lots of fun activities for all the family. Edd's free caricatures are always very's first come, first served, so approach Edd early to avoid disappointment! See you there!

"Say cheese...!"

PS: Edd will be drawing at more Family Funday events in Scotland over the summer in 2012....details will be announced in the near future!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Birthday Boy

I'm being lazy with the posts this week as it's my birthday on Wednesday and so I'll be another year closer to the mark the occasion, guess what I'll be doing...?

Yep. Same as last year......celebrating in style! Apparently I share my birthday with Nicole Kidman, John Goodman, Errol Flynn, Beachboy Brian Wilson and Lionel Ritchie. Cheers guys!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

(Click to enlarge)

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Okay, so this post is a bit of a cheat as the gift caricature above was actually created for my Dad's 70th birthday a couple of years ago...but hey, as it's Fathers Day, I thought I'd use the excuse to stick 'Big Ed's' ugly mug on my blog!(Yes, we share the same name!) That's my mum, Anne, pictured beside him. My parents are great. Without their support and encouragement over the years to keep on drawing, then I might not have been the caricaturist I am today.

 It was Dad who really 'lit the fire' in me from a young age. A self taught keen artist himself, one of my early memories is of me being amazed by his drawings of Batman, Spiderman and all my other favourite cartoon characters, which he would simply doodle out before my eyes to keep me amused. Watching him draw when I was little, really blew me away. When I got a bit older he also kept me in good supply of comics ( Beano, Dandy and best of all, the Nutty! ), which I'd devour and try to copy artwork from them and they fuelled my imagination even more. That was it for me. I caught the 'drawing bug' and haven't wanted to do anything else since.
 My Dad's had a tough couple of years, recently battling cancer, but being the tough old cookie that he is we're pleased to report that he's 'still game' and seems to have kicked ol' cancer's arse. Nae bother!
So, happy Father's day to him and all the other cool old Dads out there!
PS: In keeping up with the family tradition, here's the cool caricature of me that I received today from my son Tommy, aged 6....

Great job, Tommo! You've got me spot on...especially the grey hair! Best Fathers Day present ever.
 Stay hip to the jive, Daddio's...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Framed Wedding Gift Caricature

Another recent commission. Took a quick photo of the finished, A3 sized, framed piece before it got posted off to sunny Edinburgh....

(Click to enlarge)


The client was very happy with my work and I heard the newly-weds were also 'delighted!' Nice one.

If you'd like to give a unique, wedding gift to friends or loved ones, then how about a fun caricature of them both to commemorate their big day...
A personalised gift caricature will certainly be a more memorable wedding present than the usual towels, toasters and gift vouchers that newly weds usually get! Drop me an email to commission yours today!

Special thanks to Jenni for the job.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hungarian Wedding Invitation Caricature

(Click to RĂ©szletek)
This lovely couple called Judit and Tomi discovered me on 'tinternet a while ago and commissioned me to draw a caricature of them which they've had printed on their wedding invitations. They are from Hungary in Budapest and their favourite football team is Ujpest, hence the purple and white coloured theme. Hungarians also write dates differently from here in the UK so that also got incorporated into the detail. They were an absolute pleasure to draw for and when I sent them the finished artwork with a disc ready for printing the invites, I received the following truly awesome email....

"Dear Edd,
THANK YOU!!! We love it :))) it means a lot to us, that you made it  just as we imagined it! Today afternoon we have got the picture!!! We love it :)))
Thank you so much Edd, we really like it! We can not wait to see it up in live on our wall in our home :) And of course as a part of the wedding!:)
Thank you so much for it!!! We will send you a picture from our wedding day, where we will be just like this :))))

Thank you for your wonderful work!!!! Sure, you are able to use it on your website, it is not a problem at all!
have a nice evening!
We wish you all the best!!!!!!
Best regards,
Judit& Tomi....your new fans from Hungary"

Thanks a million you guys! I'm happy you're happy! - Edd.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy 41.67....Plus VAT Birthday!

(Click to enlarge)

This lovely lady commissioned me to do a caricature of her which would be used for her birthday party invitations to celebrate her 'Big Hawaii'....'the big 5-0'....or, '41.67 plus VAT,' as her badge indicates in the picture! The fun idea for the drawing / pose / visual props, etc, was entirely the client's own and I enjoyed drawing it. I supplied the artwork plus I scanned it on to a disc which she then had printed up as invite cards for her party at a local printers.
 Still lookin' nifty at fifty, I'm sure you'll agree !

If you (or someone you know) have a forthcoming birthday party; wedding or any other special occasion planned, then why not personalise your invitations or thankyou cards with a unique, fun, memorable caricature! Email me to commission yours today.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman and Brian Cox!

Edd's Heads: Morgan Freeman
(75 today)

Edd's Heads: Brian Cox
(66 today)

Two fine actors who share the same birthday....and have great faces for caricatures!
  All the best, chaps!