Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blistered Fingers in Birmingham Part 3

Third and final set of photos of my caricatures at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the Birmingham NEC, April 2012. Click on any picture for a closer look....










I hope you enjoyed those. I'd like to sincerely thank Ruth, Laura and colleagues from RTITB for hiring me for the event. I really enjoyed it and met some really friendly people in Birmingham. Thanks a million to everyone who kindly posed for photos and your permission to use the images on my blog & website. Thanks a lot also to everyone who gave me great feedback about my work....it really was a pleasure! So, did I get to relax and put my feet up on my return home? Nope. I was hired to draw caricatures  for 3 hours at a 40th birthday in East Kilbride! All in a weeks work for a busy freelancer....!

If you'd like to hire me for your party or business event, please email: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk

Stay classy, Birmingham.

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