Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blistered Fingers in Birmingham Part 1

Have easel, will travel. my last post truly announced, I recently headed south to draw caricatures of visitors to the 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show which took place at the Birmingham NEC. As my hotel, the train station and the venue were all right next to each other, I decided to leave the car with the missus and take the train. I was there for 3 days. I had a great time and have got plenty of photos to share with you. As I had to lug my easel with me as well as a stack of heavy drawing paper; art materials and also along with clothing etc, in a small suitcase, I had a go at making the load easier to bear by converting a shopping trolley (with some bungee ropes) to wheel the easel and art gear......(I am nothing if not resourceful). Ladies and Gentlemen, I have invented the 'Easel on Wheels'... or 'Wheeasel', if you will. Shifting my load was now stress free! Hopped on the train from Glasgow to sunny Birmingham....

Checked in on the's the stunning view from my hotel room window. A multi storey car park, busy road and some warehouses. Nice.

So the next day I headed over with my gear to the NEC. It was freakin' massive!
The biggest venue I have ever drawn in, no contest. I think they should issue visitors to the NEC with a bike, a map and some food supplies upon their arrival to get around the place on. I'm not kidding! You could lost in that place for days....

The calm before the storm. Easel and gear set up and ready to go at the RTITB stand. RTITB have used my services before at one of their events in Glasgow last year. My work was well received, so they hired me for Birmingham this year too, so that's why I got this gig.  A really nice, fun bunch of people to work / draw for. High fives all round!

And so....people came and I drew them. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Oops!.... Err....not really sure how this photo got mixed up in here with these......

I will post more photos from the event again soon. Thanks for reading! - Edd


  1. Great Caricatures, I enjoyed seeing them . I work in black and white drawings at events also. Always enjoy seeing fellow caricaturists, .... but, the 3 girlie pics, they will have to turn the other cheek , if they want their caricatures drawn. Thanks, Gordie

    1. Cheers for checkin' in Gordie! Nice to hear from a fellow doodler. Hope your keeping busy. Yeah, I have to say, there was some lovely chasis' on display at the Vehicle show....and some good looking motors also...