Friday, 23 March 2012

We built a castle!

And now for something a bit different...! As a father of 2 young kids I am occasionally called upon to use my 'creative skills' to assist them to produce something 'craft related' for a school or nursery project. Being a big kid myself, I love getting involved with them and my missus is more than happy for me to do so (....until the messy piles of cardboard, glue, glitter, string, craft materials, etc.. threaten to swamp the house!)

Anyway, this week, our Tommy (aged 5) had to build a model castle (with parental help) for his medieval project at school. Here's what we came up with.... (click to enlarge)

We finished it last night just before Tommo's bedtime, hence his cool spotty jimmy-jams!

   Entirely made from cardboard and card, painted with acrylics and cut outs of Tommy as a knight and a dragon.

Side view.

Close up detail of the scary, fire-breathing dragon!

Close up detail of the wee man as a knight. Saltire on shield, naturally. ( FREEEEDOOOM!! )

We were both quite pleased with how it turned out and I have to say I really loved making it with him. Not bad going considering we did it all within 3 days! Tommy helped by choosing the colours, painting the walls and some colouring in. Great job Buddy! High 5!
Another bonus for me is that I think I've now earned a good few points on my 'Cool-Dad Clubcard' with the wee fella! Chuffed to be a Dad folks!

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