Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Up Yours, Trump!

Being Scottish myself; as well as a hater of all things Golf related and meglomaniacs-in-general, I loved this when I saw it, therefore have to share it with you....! 

QUEEN guitarist Brian May gave his blessing to a new version of Bohemian Rhapsody - sung by a Donald Trump 'Spitting Image' puppet. ('Spitting Image' - the satirical TV show -  was a massive influence on me when I was a young, budding, wannabe-caricaturist! Truly amazing caricatures.)

Anyway, the video, which has taken YouTube by storm, was made by campaigners who wanted to express their anger at Trump's controversial golf resort development on the Aberdeenshire coast in Scotland.

The Trump puppet, filmed against a background of beautiful, unspoiled coastal scenery, sings a brilliant parody of the Queen hit, boasting: "I'm just a rich kid, I'm no nonentity...."May, who gave permission for the song to be used within four hours of being asked, said he wanted to show his "disgust" at Trump's plans for the Menie estate. Go Brian!

Up yours, Trump! You don't own the world and money can't buy you everything. And golf sucks!

For more info visit: Tripping Up Trump.com

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  1. Hi Ed - great work, nice site and thanks for your post on our video, 'Donald Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody'. Annoyingly it was censored by EMI after 3 days and 20,000 views! But will be made live again by Youtube in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the video can still be viewed here: