Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Edd's Heads: Sylvester Stallone Sketch

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"Yo! How'y doin'?"  Thought I'd have a go at Mr Stallone. I've been a fan of his, for as long as I can remember....soon as I saw the 'Rocky' films back in the eighties that was it for me. He was (and still is) a huge hero / icon to all us working class lads of my generation. A proper inspiration! Anyhoo....there's a cropped version of this on my website, but I thought I'd post both versions here...

It's basically a watercolour sketch with some added colour pencil. It's A3 in size and painted on heavyweight, toothy, water colour paper which I don't think I would go for again...I prefer smoother surfaces to work on. I enjoyed doing it however and I think it's always good to go through a different 'learning process' whenever you tackle a new face for caricature. The top image is a scan of a colour photocopy and the one below is a cropped in scan of the original artwork...still a bit strange though as none of the the images appear to have captured the colours accurately of the original artwork! What can y'do. Technology, eh? Anyway I hope to do some more water colour sketches like this in future, so say tuned amigos.

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