Thursday, 22 October 2015

More Live Event Caricature Photo's

Here's a bunch of photo's from various Edinburgh College campuses 'Freshers' week events I attended back in early September, and also a few from Lauren and David's wedding at the Dumfries Arms Hotel. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments about my work....and good luck to all you Students!

This is the time of year when my diary begins to fill up with bookings for Christmas / festive parties / corporate events and so on. I've already been booked for such events over the coming winter months. There's still some dates available though, so if you'd like to book me to provide some fab caricature entertainment at your event, then NOW is the time to get in touch with me. Find out more information and prices on this page of my website here: 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Busy Month!

What....? Not a single blog post for the month of September? What's been going on? Well, I've been extremely busy caricaturing at all manner of event bookings all over the place, and frankly haven't had much spare time for blogging! September 2015 saw me hitting the road with my trusty easel to caricature faces in: Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Irvine, Invernesshire,  Bishopton, County Durham, Glasgow and Falkirk more than once at each location! Pleased to report my work was well received by so many people and lots of laughs were had along the way. Below is just a handful of caricatures from my bookings this month. I will post more on here soon. Sincere thanks to everyone who booked my services last month. 

Meanwhile, I was delighted to receive these lovely comments via email from Sophie and Stuart who hired me to draw at their wedding reception last month....

"Hi Edd,
Myself and Stuart just wanted to thank you for doing the caricatures at the Wedding. Everyone who had one done has not stopped going on about it! All the kids couldn't wait to show us their funny faces. Even those who just watched you draw were amazed at your outstanding work and we have had people ask us for your Facebook details so they can get gifts done for family.
We are so happy we booked you for our Wedding - you really helped us and our guests in having a wonderful and unforgettable day. You have an amazing talent and we are so grateful that you shared it for us.
Thanks again
Sophie and Stuart"

.....And these lovely customer comments also came in via email from Lauren and David:

"Hi Edd,
I cannot thank you enough for coming along and making our evening reception at The Dumfries Arms last Friday, it just made our day that little bit more special!
Your work was fantastic and everyone who got a drawing done raved about you, those who missed out were truly jealous!! We have something so different and memorable to remember our day, so thank you again!! Would highly recommend you to friends and family!!
From Lauren and David Miller "

How nice is that eh? Thanks guys, you've made my day! Definitely a couple to add to the customer 'Reviews' section of my website! Tell you what folks, my customers are THE BEST!!! : )

Sunday, 26 July 2015

GRADO Sketch!

"IT'S YERSEL!" Today's sketchbook caricature is Insane Championship Wrestling Fightclub Superstar.....'GRADO!' (aka Graeme Stevely). I should explain to readers outside Scotland...BBC Scotland did a documentary on Grado and his Glasgow wrestling pals in 2014 which was a massive hit here and catapulted them into superstardom! A second documentary was also commissioned and both are well worth a watch...hilarious stuff! Totally brilliant! I urge you to watch them if you haven't seen them already! Enjoy! : )

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Noel Gallagher Sketch

Today's sketchbook caricature is the ever-quotable legend that is Noel Gallagher. Here he is on the state of the music scene these days...

"I can't buy into bands nowadays because they're all f***ing idiots. I read interviews and no one's got anything to f***ing say. You're required to have a f***ing opinion. Everybody's got records "featuring" somebody else: it's either a s*** rap about somebody's struggle, or just f***ing s*** music set to some reggae backbeat sung in some trans-atlantic f***ing accent. And then they'll throw some Cockney in just to keep it f***ing "real".

Yep. F***ing right on, Noel! : )

Friday, 24 July 2015

Paloma Faith Sketch

Paloma Faith sketch. Her with the big hair and teeth and that....I sketched this week, just messing around. I couldn't tell you any of her songs or even hum you a tune as her music tends to pass me by.... (bit mainstream for me - sorry!). I really like her 'look' though - that vintage / pin-up glamour style is pretty cool I reckon. Fun face to draw too. : )

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Caricaturing at La Bonne Auberge Glasgow

Ooh-la-la! Zut alors! Oo' eez this fantastique Frenchman....? It's only yours truly done up like a kipper for a booking last week! French restaurant La Bonne Auberge celebrated 40 years in business in Glasgow  and hired me to provide some caricature entertainment there for the guests and also asked me to don the garb of 'an authentic French artiste'... 

Hmmm. Not quite sure if I've pulled  it off! The wife thinks I look like a cross between a Frank Spencer / Where's Wally and Johnny Onion (the wee guy off the front Onion Rings crisps). Even the dug thinks I look like an idiot in this photo!

My easel was set up in the reception area of the restaurant. A lovely venue!

Can you spot my spare 'Emergency 'Tache' on my board above my paper? I bought a pack of 5 of 'em from Poundland..... I am nothing if not prepared....

 It was great to meet and caricature the former Lord Provost of Glasgow Alex Mosson too (below).... 

Alex told me he'd been caricatured a few times before by talented artists such as Malky McCormick and Bill Leckie - hard acts for me to follow, however he and his wife seemed to be extremely impressed and delighted with my quick 5 minute sketch....

Thanks to everyone who sat for me and gave me great feedback about my work! It was lovely to meet & draw for you. Thanks also to Elizabeth for booking me and for kindly forwarding a few pics of me in action... All I can say is, I don't mind dressing up if that's what the client wants, but I was EXTREMELY glad to get the 'tache off at the end of the kept flapping about and made my top lip very sweaty! I dunno how Tom Selleck does it.... Merci, everyone! : )